Manufacturers of chemical products, fertilizers, nutrients and technicians

For Agriculture, Fine and Industrial Chemistry, Human Nutrition, Animal Nutrition, Pharmacy, Water Treatments and Services for Environmental Management

We supply competitive products of the highest quality, from international suppliers on request

We manufacture

We are a company that manufactures and distributes products of the highest quality and purity in national and international markets. Our commitment is to rigour, seriousness, service, quality, and closeness.


Our focus is on innovation and on developing new products and projects that facilitate a greater level of production and output in industry, agriculture, stockbreeding, human nutrition, and human health.


With a qualified team, youth, and preparation, as well as experience all sectors going back over 30 years, we are a flexible, efficient company.

Commercial network

Our company markets its products through a network of distributors, importers, and consultants, all of whom have appropriate technical support from our laboratories and qualified staff, as well as an appropriate and efficient logistics response.

Horizon 2020

Chemistry is the science that continues to be the keystone of current and future solutions, with sustainable development playing an increasing role.

Human, animal, and plant nutrition become more important daily, with greater development, importance, and knowledge of the relationship between the balance and health of living beings and the functions of enzymes, vitamins, proteins, amino acids, sugars, chemical carriers, biochemical mediators, hormones, etc.

Water and the environment are fundamental for life, with a society that is increasingly concerned over and involved with the care and quality of our surroundings.

All that and more keeps us occupied in the business endeavour that has been initiated by SAIGNER ADIEGO, with expectations of development in its various activities, techniques, and technologies, as well as providing ever more efficient solutions to problems that are brought to us for all types of vital activities.

The aim is that by 2020, we should have all our expectations properly developed, thus making us a company that offers an absolute guarantee at worldwide level, but always careful to attend to those closest to us.

Global markets, solutions, chemistry, nutrition, and specific products make up our project when 2016 comes to an end.

We shall have achieved it in 2020 with the help of our collaborators.


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